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WARLORD GAMES Napoleonic Prussian Line...

Napoleonic Prussian Line Infantry 1813-1815

Perry Miniatures
Producent: Perry Miniatures
Kod produktu: PN1
Skala: 28mm

Black Pauder

106.00 zł



Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815


Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815


Modele figurek do sklejenia i malowania.

Zestaw zawiera :

46 plastikowe  modele

Skala : 28mm

Zestaw nie zawiera kleju i farb.



The set comprises of 40 Line Musketeers/Grenadiers plus a detachment of 6 Volunteer Jaegers which were attached to battalions. The 40 infantry will give you a full strength battalion at 20:1 (for man-sized games), although we will be making the command frame available to buy separately too (direct from us) for those who use a different ratio.

There are enough heads with covered shakos for all the figures in the box. In addition there will be heads with the Line Feldmutze and peaked Schirmutze for the Jaegers as Silesian units had them. Likewise the Jaeger belly pouch is separate as some Volunteer Jaeger units had them. Most figures are in 3 pieces as we realise people like to build up units quickly, so you have the head , equipment (knapsack, haversack, cartridge box, short sword and half the greatcoat are in one piece) and body to put together.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


Napoleonic Prussian Line Infantry 1813-1815 Napoleonic Prussian Line Infantry 1813-1815 Napoleonic Prussian Line Infantry 1813-1815

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